My name is Slava. Bean Crag Acres is an Atlantic Ocean based, multi-cultural, award-winning design studio, where Old Ukraine meets New England. My passion for “all things visual” began somewhere around 1988-93 upon attending the Youth School of Fine Arts in a beautiful Ukrainian town of Vinnitsa. Since then, I’ve been lucky to “voyage to” and create in New York, California, Vermont, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas and Israel.

I believe in smart design and things well done, use my hands to aid my head, and approach each project with enthusiasm regardless of scale, budget or complexity. Pen and ink are just as fundamental to my success as emerging technologies. Depending on a venture, I work with a team of like-minded, dedicated creatives. Together we specialize in strategic design and branding, illustration and photography, art direction and writing, web design and development.

For many years now, we’ve been working with our clients to help tell their stories, define their journeys and build their brands. BCA knows a thing or two about process as a voyage, and we realize that sometimes the most bold results are achived by flipping the continent and starting at point B working our way to A, with a C (you/client) at the core of it all.

Some of Our Clients
Dartmouth College, Geisel School of Medicine, Simon Pearce, Cold War Organics, Briko USA, ReThink Health, North Country Organics, Ledge Hill Brewing Co., Artesano Mead,, Godiva Chocolatier, Hallmark, Laura Mercier, Time Inc., Sig Sauer, ESPN Magazine, Okemo Ski Resort, Robie Farm... Thanks to all!